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The Scalabrinian Mission Community in Trivandrum engaged in yet another animated vocation campaign on January 25th, to invite young girls to discern their religious vocation with the MSCS Congregation. Many girls responded with interest especially from the Parishes in Poonthura, Vizhinjam and Pullavilla. Mainly from these places, some fifteen girls are expected to attend the “come and see” program this coming month of March 2009, when the national school examination ends.

The vocation campaign included the visitation of the girls’ home and families. Many of those visited come from families with migrant members working in the Gulf.

The participation of the aspirants in the vocation campaign helps not only communication in the local language but likewise in making the campaign more dynamic and colorful with their prepared action songs and dances.  

Sr. Antoinette Jabao and Sr. Rayce Sumampong are the alternating vocation promoters in India. Sr. Roschelle Isada assisted them while in India late last year.

Meanwhile, Sr. Maruja Padre Juan, embarked on a harbor visitation and research in the ports of Thoothoor and Vizhinjam. These are the most important fishing harbors in the south of India. The visitation is part of her work as Executive Secretary of the Commission for the Pastoral Care of People on the Move of the Archdiocese of Trivandrum. During this visit, she discussed issues and concerns with parish priests and staff working with fishermen communities, many of whom solicited assistance for projects intended to support the fishermen and families in their condition.  

On the same occasion, she touched base with the people working in the ports

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