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Scalabrini Day Ushered Community to Observance of MSCS Year for Vocations

Our community celebration of the Feast of Blessed Scalabrini extended to three days  (May 30 to June 1), with various activities  aimed at extending the loving memory of the Founder to more people from different walks of life in Trivandrum:

·         encounter with machine workers in Kulathoor to promote Scalabrini’s love and compassion for the working class, especially the migrants;

·         visit to the animal farm to promote Scalabrini’s vision and skills for organizing self-help projects;

·         Eucharistic  celebration with the migrants’ families in the Parish of Mary, Mother of God, to promote Scalabrini’s saintly virtues and heroic love for people on the move.

·         vocation camp outside the Church in Vettacaude to interact with the parishioners and promote the Scalabrinian Congregation;

·         vigil in the community chapel in commemoration of Scalabrini’s final days and meditation on his last words before death;

·         drama festival in community, participated in by our aspirants and postulants, to celebrate the joy of sharing Scalabrini’s vocation in the Church.

Finally, the Scalabrini Day celebration ushered our community to the observance of the Year for Vocations in the Congregation!



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